Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GM Diet Day 7

Today is our final day. I'm really happy to say that we've made it this far. It has not been an easy task by any means.. Honestly it has been very hard. We have upped our workouts, and are totally drinking a ton of water. And we're missing some of our favorite foods. Even though they aren't necessarily bad for us. For example... me having my daily banana and other misc fruits. And Kevin drinking his big glass of milk every night.

I will say that this week has taught me a lot of things. It has taught me to drink a lot more water than I was doing. It has helped me stay away from salts and processed foods. Even though I love them, I will watch how much I eat of them. My body feels like it needs more carbs for running. So I need to find a good balance there. And right now my legs feel like bricks from all my pushups. So my daily 4 mile runs are really tough right now. I keep telling myself "IT WILL GET EASIER"... I'm just hoping that comes sooner than later.

Okay.. So today is a brown rice and vegetable day. And I get to include JUICE! I'm thrilled about that.

Breakfast: 100% No sugar added Fruit Punch (Apple & Eve) juice. Loving it..
Lunch: Brown rice and carrots for me. Brown rice and broccoli for Kev
Dinner: Brown rice for me.. Kevin ate asapragus and brown rice

Amber: Weight Loss/Gain: 2.4 pounds LOST!
Kevin: Weight Loss/Gain: Kevin doesn't remember... only remembers what he weighs now..


Amber: 7.4 POUNDS!
Kevin: 8.2 POUNDS!

COMBINED!! 15.6 POUNDS!! Woohooooo!! :)

Now to keep it off... We are changing some ways we eat now. Eating less, but more proteins and carbs for all the working out we are doing. I am going to continue to stick to running 4 miles 5 times a week. And continue my 200 pushups everyday, and start gradually adding more to that. We both honestly couldn't feel better right now!

While I'm typing this... I'm enjoying a small yogurt for breakfast, and it's the best!

I am also going to stick to drinking a ton of water a day. That really does help, and flushes out your system.

Monday, August 10, 2009

GM Diet Day 6

Today is Beef and Vegetables Day

You get to drink your normal amount, and eat as many veggies as you want.

Breakfast: Cucumbers for me, and carrots for Kev
Lunch: Small filet and some steamed yellow squash
Dinner: Ribeye steak and asparagus. Kevin ate Broccoli too.

We all ran 4 miles and I did 200 pushups.

This day was another tough day for me. I'm exhausted from working out, and really miss fruit. On a regular day I always eat a banana for breakfast. For snack I usually have some other kind of fruit. So I'm really missing fruit for an entire two days.

Amber: Weight Loss/Gain Update: I lost 1.4 pounds!!! YAY!!
Kevin: Weight Loss/Gain Update: 1 pound!

I'm glad tomorrow is the last day, and I get to go back to eating my daily banana. :)

GM Diet Day 5


This has been my toughest day yet! I thought awesome I get something new... But having to eat 6 tomatoes was rough. It's not like you can add salt to them..

Breakfast: We ate 2 fresh tomatoes and a small filet.
Lunch: We pretty much skipped because we were full from breakfast.
Dinner: We ate a ribeye steak and then I skillet cooked the rest of the tomatoes with a tiny bit of olive oil and a tiny bit of spike.

On this day you have to add in an extra QUART of water. So an additional 32 ounces. To break down all the acid you're producing.

Amber: Weight Loss/Gain: 1.4 pounds
Kevin: Weight Loss/Gain: .6

I did run 4 miles and mow the grass, and do 200 pushups today. Kevin ran alittle over 2 miles and did a bunch of weights and pushups.

Woohooo!! So far I've lost 3.4 pounds and Kevin has lost 5.8 pounds!

GM Diet Day 4

Today is Bananas and Milk day. I know this sounds like an extremely crazy combo. But so far.... this is been my absolute FAVORITE DAY. You are allowed to eat up to 8 bananas and 3 cups of milk in addition to your 10 glasses of water.

So we bought two bunches of bananas and banana chips and ate some flattened banana that my mom mails me. It's my absolute favorite snack because its totally healthy and only banana. No sugar added. It comes from Trader Joes... And we don't have Trader Joes in Florida... So my lovely mom will need to continue stocking us because I'm almost out!. ;)

So for breakfast I kinda split my milk intake to half in the morning, and half in the afternoon. I ended up eating 5 fresh bananas and then Kevin ate 6, and then we both ate the banana chips and flattened banana.

Amber: Weight Loss/Gain: Stayed EXACTLY the same again! This is getting old.. at least I'm not gaining it back. ;)
Kevin: Weight Loss/Gain: .6 Way to go Kev! (I'm secretly jealous)

I ran 4 miles and did 200 pushups today.

Friday, August 7, 2009

GM Diet Day 3

Today is a Vegetable and Fruit Only Day. But no potatos today and no bananas.

Today.. Kevin is having a headache from the last day and a half. I have a small headache myself. But I think its because our body is getting totally flushed of toxins because we are drinking SOOO much water, and have limited salts..

Breakfast: Mango and cherries for me, canoloupe for Kevin
Lunch: Will be corn, broccoli, peaches, clementines
Dinner: Haven't decided yet... I'll update that later. :)
Snacks: Gourmet cucumbers, canoloupe

Amber Weight: Loss/ Gain: Exact same again!
Kevin: Weight Loss/Gain: .2 loss!

This day was really tough on us. We thought the first couple days would be easy... But nope.. We had headaches all day and I started my monthly lovely woman's cycle... Hopefully that won't mess with this week plan too much!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

GM Diet Day 2

I will update this post with any weight loss/gain every morning.

Today is vegetables only day. And for breakfast you have to eat a baked potato. Which seems REALLY strange. But it is DELIGHTFULLY delicious after all the fruit we had yesterday. They say to use 1 tab of butter. And then I added black pepper and chives. I baked these last night, and boy does it hit the spot!

So here goes what the day will hold for us.

Breakfast: A yummy baked potato with one tab of butter
Lunch: I pre washed and put into microwave steamer bags brussell sprouts and carrots. They said I could use whatever herbs I wanted. So I used garlic, and a tiny bit of olive oil that they said I could use, pepper, and some italian spices.
Dinner: Kevin ate corn and Broccoli, I ate 3 cucumbers after my run.
Snacks: Baby carrots and gourmet mini cucumbers.

I ran 4 miles by myself.. some of the time it was raining on me. :) And did 110 push-ups

And most importantly 10 (8 ounce) glasses of water!!

Wish us luck!

Amber Weight Loss/Gain Update: EXACTLY the same as yesterday.. No loss... no gain
Kevin Weight Loss/Gain Update: EXACTLY the same as yesterday.. No loss... no gain

So we'll wait and see what Day 3 has in store for us. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GM Diet Day 1

Kevin and I are trying a little fun crash diet for a week. We first weighed in..

-If it gets me over my yucky plateau, I'll be happy.
-If it cleanses my system I'll be happy.
-If I lose any weight at all I will be happy.

Basically if any one of those 3 things happens.. I'll be happy. I think it will ultimately teach me to drink more water, and eat less baked foods. So all in all... I feel like it will be a success.

Day 1... is ONLY FRUITS... You have to drink 10 glasses of water a day. I have almost hit that goal already.

What I have eaten.

Breakfast: Cherries and Clementine Oranges
Lunch: Canaloupe, Strawberries, and Honeydew
Dinner: I ate Mango, and Kevin ate Strawberries and a Peach

We ran only 2 miles today because Kevin had to work late and we didn't leave the office till 7:00.
I also did 110 push-ups.

Tomorrow it's vegetables only day. I'm looking forward to that day...

Update: After finishing Day 1... we weighed ourselves the next morning. Same time as the day before.

Amber Weight Loss: 2 pounds!
Kevin Weight Loss: 3.6 pounds!!! WOOHOO!